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An introduction to Haydn for Everyone

Project conceived by RICHARD TOGNETTI AO
2015 program curated by MARSHAL MAGUIRE

In 2013, Melbourne Festival embarked on a remarkable mission: a quest to perform and celebrate all 68 of the quartets composed by Franz Joseph Haydn—the man who invented the string quartet and had an unmistakable impact on the evolution of contemporary music.

The Festival is proud to present the stunning conclusion to the much celebrated Haydn for Everyone program—and to finish things off with the most ambitious and wide–ranging series yet.

Haydn for Everyone is more than simply a retrospective of the works of Haydn—it’s a comprehensive exploration and celebration of the enduring influence of the string quartet throughout history. Spanning gala concerts, exclusive events and pop–up public performances, the works visited in this program encompass not only Haydn’s own prodigal output, but also classic and contemporary works by many of those he influenced, including the likes of Beethoven, Shostakovich and Ross Edwards.

This year sees the return of some of our most well–loved events, including the flagship Quartets at Sunset series, the dynamic and intimate experience of Haydn Unpicked and a return visit from the one–of–a–kind, purpose–built performance space, ANAM Quartetthaus. The acclaimed Haydn Open House is also back, staging a series of intimate soirees within some of Melbourne’s architectural wonders.

Fittingly, for our final year, the world–renowned London Haydn Quartet joins the program for an exclusive series of concerts and masterclasses, while the brand new Stonnington Series sees Haydn’s music performed within the lofty halls of Stonnington’s most beautiful churches.

From old favourites to new interpretations, don’t miss out on your last chance to witness the musical feast that has captured the hearts and ears of Melbourne. After three years, 68 Haydn quartets and countless unforgettable moments, no doubt remains: Haydn truly is for everyone.



Melbourne Festival’s magnificent three–year retrospective of Haydn’s quartets comes to a triumphant close.