Past Festivals

Take a step back in history and browse events presented at previous Festivals.

Year Artistic Director Program
1986 Gian Carlo Menotti Program
1987 Gian Carlo Menotti Program 
1988  Gian Carlo Menotti Program 
1989  John Truscott AO Program 
1990  John Truscott AO  Program
1991  John Truscott AO Program 
1992  Richard Wherrett AM Program 
1993  Richard Wherrett AM  Program 
1994 Leo Schofield AM Program
1995 Leo Schofield AM Program
1996 Leo Schofield AM Program
1997 Clifford Hocking AM Program
1998 Sue Nattrass Program
1999 Sue Nattrass Program
2000 Jonathan Mills AO Program
2001 Jonathan Mills AO Program
2002 Robyn Archer AO Program
2003 Robyn Archer AO Program
2004 Robyn Archer AO Program
2005 Kristy Edmunds Program / Program Guide
20 Years of Melbourne Festival Online Book
2006 Kristy Edmunds Program
2007 Kristy Edmunds Program
2008 Kristy Edmunds Program Guide
2009 Brett Sheehy AO Program Guide
2010 Breet Sheehy AO Program Guide
2011 Breet Sheehy AO Program Guide
2012 Breet Sheehy AO Program Guide
2013 Josephine Ridge Program Guide
2014 Josephine Ridge Program Guide / Website
2015 Josephine Ridge Program Guide / Website