KIRIN Bit.Fall

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We live in a torrent of information, forever rushing past us, like rain onto concrete.

All we can do is live in the present and grasp at meaning as it comes tumbling by. KIRIN Bit.Fall uses more than 360 individual valves to release water in precise arrangements, creating an endless stream of words that appear and then instantly disintegrate as they fall.

A delirious melding of science, art and live social commentary, KIRIN Bit.Fall uses a specially designed algorithm to randomly pluck words posted on Twitter using the hashtags #KIRIN and #KIRINbitfall. The selected words are large for a moment, before collapsing into the deluge—much like the torrent of text posted to social media every second of the day.

Make sure you get to the gig early to make the most of free KIRIN Cider tastings from Wed—Sun.

KIRIN are also part of the Festival Feasts program with some fantastic offers from our restaurant partners:

Fatto Bar & Cantina: Spaghettini of crab, lemon, chilli, parsley & pangrattato with a KIRIN beer for $30.

Loop Rooftop: Cider glazed pork belly sliders with apple slaw - using the KIRIN Apple & Mikan Cider that we stock to cook and glaze the pork belly. $12 for the duration of Melbourne Festival, or with a pot of KIRIN Beer for $15 for ticket holders.

Pastuso: Chef’s Platter set menu with a complimentary pot of KIRIN for $49.

San Telmo: Chef’s Platter set menu with a complimentary bottle of KIRIN $55.

See Festival Feasts page for more information.