Melbourne Festival and MPavilion present

Mick Stuart

Mick Stuart takes respite from LIMBO to play The Polymba, an instrument of his own invention made of 135 amplified steel prongs. 

The Polymba is an instrument created by Mick Stuart and is the only one of its a kind in the world. It is comprised of 14 electrically amplified kalimbas (thumb pianos) and is played with fingers and occasionally other objects including bead mallets or even screwdrivers. Mick plays all original compositions and delivers a completely unique palette of sounds that will invariably mesmerise.

Mick Stuart

Mick is a self-taught musician who began to experiment with all things music at the age of 7. By the age of 11 he was regularly performing in bands and by 13 performing solo. Dabbling in guitars and basses, drums and anything that makes a sound, Micks theatre background eventually led him to perform in Casey Bennetto's Keating! The Musical and then a string of other comedy shows with the likes of Eddie Perfect and then he discovered physical theatre. Legs On The Wall production My Bicycle Loves You gave Mick his first taste for it and eventually he jumped aboard the creation of LIMBO where you can find him now, playing a plethora of instruments including his very own beautiful creation, the Polymba.