Melbourne Festival and The Dancing Architects present


Antony Hamilton Projects

Utterly spectacular, in the deepest sense.

Crikey on Black Project I

Is there an Australian choreographer with a physical grammar as distinctive as Antony Hamilton?

Real Time on Black Project I

A compelling and thorough structure of ideas and images that continually morphs and grows… an exhilarating and hilarious work.

The Guardian


From maverick choreographer Antony Hamilton comes a work joining dance, voice and percussion.

In a vast, echoing chamber, four women contort and writhe, merge and morph, creating and destroying worlds with every flick of their limbs. Pounding drums supercharge the air as gods and demons vie for supremacy. This is the drama of creation and the divine comedy rolled into one eye–opening, sense–tingling whole: a place where the body and primitive technology has become one and the same.

Welcome to the future of dance. NYX—a stunning new exaltation to the twin forces of evolution and entropy—offers an uncompromising vision of human ingenuity and cruelty, where the masquerade of progress shows itself to be bestial fury by just another name. In the spirit of Hamilton’s internationally acclaimed Black Project 1, this is dance that pushes choreography to its aesthetic limits and beyond.



Stay after the 2pm matinee performance for a post-show talk facilitated by Richard Watts.

Richard is the national performing arts writer for arts industry website ArtsHub, he also presents the weekly program SmartArts on community radio station Triple R.


Choreographer Antony Hamilton
Dancers Kathleen Lott, Lauren Langlois, Lily Paskas, Rachel Coulson
Lighting Designer Ben Cistern
Costume Designer Paula Levis
Advisors Lucy McRae, Eugene Ughetti and Matthias Schack-Arnott (Speak Percussion)
Production Manager Emily O’Brien
Producer Insite Arts—Freya Waterson