Melbourne Festival and Arts Centre Melbourne, Asian Performing Arts Program in association with Playking Foundation present


Producer Ling Meng

Choreographer Gu Jiani

Dancers Gu Jiani & Li Nan

Video Artist Ping

From a rising star of Chinese choreography comes an intricate shadow dance—an exploration of our complex, off–kilter relationships to one another.

On a starkly lit stage, two female dancers move in jaw–dropping unison, every gesture magnified and doubled as they flow across the space. But the universe abhors order—and such unity of purpose can only ever lead to disagreement and chaos.

Right&Left is a haunting exploration of human love and individual experience that uses little more than delicately poised bodies, two chairs and the play of shadows to create a captivating tribute to symmetry, ominous and beautiful in equal measure.

The latest work from prodigal multidisciplinary choreographer Gu Jiani, Right&Left fuses a dance language of incredible precision with a visually arresting mix of projection and light—offering an elegant and entrancing perspective on our oldest questions: why do we love, and how do we stop it from destroying who we are?