Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA) in association with Melbourne Festival presents


Curator Charlotte Day

Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA) concludes its three–part series on watershed moments in art history with Technologism, a major group exhibition on the cultural, social and political impact of technological advancements in the modern era.

Featuring artworks that engage both physically and conceptually with electronic systems—television, computers, the internet, smartphones—Technologism focuses on the ways artists critique and disrupt official uses of the media, or construct their own machines and data systems.

Bringing together historical and contemporary artworks from Australian and international practitioners, including several new commissions, Technologism delves into the profound impact technology has made on art.



Liquid Architecture: TX/RX

An intervention in two parts by Critical Engineer and Artist Julian Oliver

Saturday 17 October, 3:00pm

MUMA will, for an afternoon, host an unbridled exploration of the radio infrastructure on which we depend: GSM, analogue radio (shipping, air traffic, marine) and wi-fi. Julian Oliver, Critical Engineer and artist, will lead the audience through an interrogation of signal domains as both techno-political territories and electromagnetic phenomena. 

Presented as part of Liquid Architecture’s weekend-long event for the Melbourne Festival, The Politics of Listening.

Australian Art Orchestra: Martin Ng and Austin Buckett present RELAY
Saturday 24 October, 3:00pm

RELAY is a new collaborative work by Sydney-based electronic musicians Austin Buckett and Martin Ng for multiple turntables. This long-form piece/installation takes source material from Buckett's 2014 album Grain Loops and combines loops that create meditative patterns projected in an immersive sound world. Ng’s multiple turntables cycle interchanging material while live EQ accentuates a range of spectral and rhythmic nuances, bringing into question the nature of repetition and the different ways in which it is perceived.


Artists include Cory Arcangel, Dara Birnbaum, Chris Burden, Ian Burns, Antoinette J. Citizen, Simon Denny, Jan Dibbets, Aleksandra Domanović, Harun Farocki, Benjamin Forster, Isa Genzken, Greatest Hits, Martijn Hendriks, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Matt Hinkley, Jenny Holzer, Edward Kienholz & Nancy Reddin Kienholz, Oliver Laric, Mark Leckey, Scott Mitchell, Rabih Mroué, Henrik Olesen, Nam June Paik & John Godfrey Check, Joshua Petherick, Matte Rochford, Jill Scott, Richard Serra, John F. Simon, Jr., Brian Springer, Hito Steyerl, Ricky Swallow, Jeff Thompson, Ryan Trecartin, Pia van Gelder, Ulla Wiggen, Dennis Wilcox