Melbourne Festival presents

Babylon Circus

Their energy was equally infectious… unpretentious, joyous, and quintessentially Gallic fun.

The Guardian

[A] powerhouse of infectious energy and singalong pop… the band’s energy and voices are unmistakable, never straying far from the verve that has come to define a rambunctious live act.

Sydney Morning Herald

Famed around the world for their irrepressible, high-octane live shows, French 10-piece Babylon Circus are an all-singing, all-dancing ska-rock explosion.

Channeling everything from The Specials to Gogol Bordello to the swinging riffs of big band jazz, Babylon Circus are purveyors of an exhilarating horn-driven mix of reggae, swing, punk and everything in between.

Fusing joyous French-English songs with bouncing brass sections, gypsy accordionists and manic guitar licks, they’ve got one mission and one mission only – to whip up the sort of righteous party that could inspire revolutions. Now in their 20th year, and veterans of more than 1500 gigs across 35 countries, Babylon Circus have shown they’re no slouches when it comes to bringing the noise.

The only question: are you ready to dance?