Melbourne Festival presents

Brandt Brauer Frick

A lesson in spontaneous thermodynamics… When the quartet shyly return for an encore, the chamber recital has turned into a rave.

The Guardian (UK)

The arrangements are bolder and more mercurial than ever before… Brandt Brauer Frick have reached new heights of imagination and technical accomplishment.

Pitchfork on Miami



Due to unforeseen circumstances, Brandt Brauer Frick have had to cancel their performance. All ticket holders will receive a full refund—please check your email for further details.

A free event will now take place at 11pm on Saturday 17 October. Details to be announced.

For most of its history, dance music has been dedicated to replacing the acoustic with the electronic—but Germany’s Brandt Brauer Frick turn the formula on its head.

This classically trained trio take the rolling grooves of Chicago house and minimal techno and transform them into jazz-influenced synth-and-string rhythmic assaults that hover somewhere between Berlin nightclub, chamber ensemble and the subcutaneous atmospherics of a John Carpenter film.

Expertly programmed, sumptuously arranged and performed with virtuosity, the music of Brandt Brauer Frick stands at a crossroad between genres—a place of sonic perfection.