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Driving beats combine with neo-classical craftsmanship to send the mind soaring through the clouds… has the feel of one of those albums that electronic heads will continue to celebrate with each passing decade.

Tiny Mix Tapes


When acclaimed Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds and cult-producer Janus Rasmussen make music together, the results are sublime, entrancing and utterly unique—transcendent melodic techno that offers stunning aural vistas and ecstatic interludes in equal measure.

Over a collaboration as slow-burning as their music, the duo spent six years slowly germinating ideas, until in 2014 they sat down and finalised their first opus: Kiasmos. A perfect intersection between Arnalds’ stark piano-led figures and the lush synth pop favoured by Rasmussen, their debut album folds the listener into its own private universe, rich with sonic detail and unexpected crescendo.

In concert the duo unleash their techno instincts, laying down an entrancing brand of tightly woven, beat-driven euphoria—a transcendent sonic concoction that runs the full gamut of emotions.

Swedish producer, remixer and live performer Hans Berg will make a special appearance with his distinct blend of house and techno—the perfect coupling to the atmospheric beats of Arnalds and Rasmussen.

Hans Berg’s live sets have found a home in some of the world’s most loved underground nightclubs with gigs in Berlin, Gothenburg, New York, Stockholm, and Tokyo. As a performer Hans Berg draws from his artistic background as a creator. His sets are constantly evolving amongst a sea of wires and knobs streaming from various pieces of machine hardware, encompassing affecting melodies with a love for pulsating basslines and big drums.

Hans Berg draws inspiration from Detroit techno heavyweights such as Jeff Mills and Carl Craig, whilst also nodding to the more experimental sounds of early 90’s Warp Records, giving his music a multi-faceted sound, comfortably flirting between ethereal electronic soundscapes and the heavier side of 4/4.